A call-operator

  • 12 hours’ working shifts
  • Day and night shifts
  • Salary depends on your working performance (600 – 900 BYN)
  • Young and friendly colleagues
  • Part or full-time work, flexible working hours

A driver

Service «Taxi Almaz 7788» offers a cooperation to drivers who own a car in a proper condition.
Also we’re eager to deal with companies and entrepreneurs. To get more information, call +375445008888.

To work with our service we kindly recommend you to acquire a mobile device (a mobile phone or tablet) with Android (8.0 and later versions), no less than 5” diagonal screen and RAM 3Gb.

Our service works in the following way – there are 50 Minsk areas and the number of cars in line in each of them on your device. You sign up for any suitable area. Since this moment you get in line as well. NB! We have a fair line, not random GPS-positioning so you’ll be able to plan your work. When an order arrives, you can choose time to pick up a client (in minutes) and if an operator confirms it, you can get down to your work.

Unlike other taxi services we don’t take percentage from orders – the cost of our services is fixed (the same cost for each given order)

Also we’re happy to provide you with a unique function «Open channel». You’ll see five possible orders in an open channel. It’s easy to get – choose one of them and indicate how long it’ll take to pick up a client.

To order a taxi on «Taxi Almaz 7788» service, call 7788 (MTS, Life, Velcom), landline +375 (17) 269-88-88 or use our free Internet service –

Besides, you have a chance to make a USSD-order.

Our mobile app is available on Google Play and AppStore.

We’re waiting for our future partners in our office to make an agreement (Minsk, Street Kupriyanova, 1A), after that they’re kindly invited to install a driver’s software on their device and listen to an how-to-be-a-successful-driver lecture. Then your car can be marked with «Taxi Almaz 7788» logos
«Taxi Almaz 7788» is widely advertised on the national leading TV channels and radio stations. You can find our adverts in Minsk underground and bill boards throughout the city.

We actively promote our service on social networks and video hosting Youtube.

Having chosen partnership with us, you’ll get a chance to live a full and bright life without being subordinate to anyone!